Marieta Islands

You should visit the Marieta Islands at least once in your life, to know, admire and feel a natural and beautiful paradise that is unique in the world.

The Marieta Islands or "Islas Tres Marietas" are a group of three small uninhabited islands a few miles west of the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, in the Pacific Ocean.

The Marieta Islands were made famous by the world known oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. They were declared a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO.

You will find crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches in Marieta Islands. They are home to many birds such as the nice and peculiar blue-footed booby, marine mammals, a large variety of fish, and of course, whales that stay here during the winter season.

Because the area of Marieta Islands were declared a protected national park, some activities such as fishing, hunting and any kind of human activity that puts the area at risk, are forbidden, including inland walking or exploration. It is needed a special government permission for that purpose.

To continue with the protection of the zone, only a few companies are allowed to conduct tours for going there, and luckily we are one of the very few that have the opportunity to invite you to enjoy an unforgettable tour visiting The Marieta Islands.


What to do and See on the Marieta Islands?

·     Admire the shape of the islands, which is related to ancient volcanic activity in the ocean in that area.

·        Observe large colonies of resident and migratory birds, both continental and marine like Frigate birds, gulls, pelicans, blue-footed booby, brown booby, and many others.

·        Watch dolphins (all year round) and humpback whales (mid-December to late March).

·        Diving and snorkeling in coral reefs where you can admire underwater landscapes of great beauty and color, inhabited by the Giant Manta, blue and yellow damsels and many other colorful fish.

·        Practice the kayak and paddle board.

·        Explore the many caves and other rock formations on the islands´ coast.

·         Visit and relax in the beautiful little and cozy beaches such as the Hidden Beach, also known as ‘Playa del Amor’ located on the Round Island, the Dead Beach or ‘Playa del Muerto’ and the ‘La Nopalera’ beach in the Long Island or ‘La Isla Larga’.

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